Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chocolate Walking Tour Charleston December 2006-February 2007

I went on the Charleston Chocolate Walking Tour Friday and had the best time! I highly recommend it! It is full of information about chocolate, how it is grown, what is the difference in percentages of cocoa, how do you use it and on and on! I met two female pastry chefs in Charleston that were using chocolate in so many exciting ways! I had the best hot chocolate ever at a restaurant called Tristan on the South Market. Nicole, the chef, put cayenne pepper, chiles and cinnamon in this rich delicious concoction of chocolate! It was heaven! Then they take you to McCrady's and they make a their best selling dessert called soft chocolate. Way easy! It was rich and delicious! Then we went to Lucas, a small Belgian chocolate shoppe full of delicious goodies! I had chocolate dreams that night! The best walking tour Charleston has to offer!
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