Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chocoholic recipes in this month's Oprah Magazine! You'll think you went to Chocolate Heaven!

Oprah is a long time chocolate fan (ever since hitting menopause she has been known to say). I love her recipes this month! These are some great ideas for your sweetheart (or to treat yourself) during the wonderful chocolate season of Valentines Day! Pick up the February 2007 issue and find recipes for:Nibby Napoleons with Chocolate SauceSpice-Dusted Brownies ( I can't wait to try that one out!)Three Layer Chocolate Cake with Blackout Filling
You'll just double over in ectasy with these recipes!


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chocoholic said...

Guys love chocolate too. Especially this chocohlic health freak. Chocolate is so sensuous and full of antioxidants.