Sunday, February 18, 2007

Charleston has it going on again with chocolate, now its with chocolate barbeque sauce!

I ate last night at a restaurant in Charleston, SC called Tristan. I had previously visited this chic little place on the Charleston Chocolate Tour where they made the best hot chocolate I ever had. So I went back for dinner to see what other chocolate treasures they would have and I was pleasantly greeted with their newly available Chocolate Barbeque Sauce! Tristan is no road side barbecue joint, my friends, it is fine dining that stands up to all its competitors in Charleston. I had a wonderful appetizer of shortribs grilled to perfection and a side of the chocolate barbecue sauce and I was in chocolate heaven again! Not too sweet, and went great with the smoky barbecue flavor. It is will be availabel online in 1-2 weeks for anyone wanting to give it a try. Chef Duffy was there to greet all his guests and said the bottles were not quite ready to ship yet! The sauce was served to Vanna White and Pat Sajak when they were recently in Charleston taping the Wheel of Fortune and it must have been a hit! Here is the site for Tristan if anyone is interested in buying the sauce when it comes available!

I am ordering all three!

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